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I'm Paula Chamberlain

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Transformational & Mindfulness Trainer 

From a Secondary School Principal and Doctor of Education to Certified Life Coach, serving with equity. 

From 1999 to 2021, I served as an educational leader, as a classroom teacher, and as a secondary school principal. I loved my job and serving my community. Then I discovered Life Coaching and began coaching students, teachers, and other educational leaders. I found a way to serve my community in a way that serves humans without politics. I have found freedom in Life Coaching. 

I am a Transformational and Mindfulness trainer who guides individuals and corporations to reach their highest potential.

It’s possible to create a life full of purpose and meaning that we can be truly proud of. We can open the doors to new opportunities when our minds, emotions and actions are aligned and I'm trained to help you find the keys that open those doors.

I am a certified Life Coach School coach and certified CIJ Clarity Catalyst and The Culture Catalyst, both powerful, life-changing journeys based on a Stanford University Masters Degree Program. I am also certified by the Health Coach Institute.

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